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**New! Click here to view the Executive Summary of the National Town Hall!
The executive summary features feedback and input from the National Town Hall participants and strategies to address needs in four critical areas: housing, employment, community life and cross-cutting strategies. It also includes a five-year vision for each focus area.

On November 13th, 2009, Americans from across the country came together to create a policy agenda for addressing the needs of adults with autism.  Over 1,000 people including caregivers, advocates, elected officials, family members, and adults with autism, participated in the discussion and made recommendations on this important issue.  The event was orchestrated from a central hub in Chicago where a national discussion took place via webcast from remote locations, called satellite sites.  With the unprecedented scale and diversity of the AFAA National Town Meeting, we hope to attract attention to the issue and build momentum behind the policy agenda.

Participants included:

  • Young adults and adults with autism and their families
  • Community members including employers and other relevant parties
  • Service providers and other involved professionals (e.g., behavior analysts)
  • Local, state and federal funding and support agencies
  • Elected public officials
  • Sponsors

**The AFAA Town Hall Meeting Participant's Guide is available online. Click here to view the PDF version.**


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